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Size guide

Size guide
The sizes of our children's clothes are age-appropriate. However, children are different, are built differently, and grow differently. In VACVAC styles there is room to move. We have deliberately chosen to make our pants / leggings / blouses a little longer with the hope of longevity in the individual child. A fold to start with can extend the service life significantly. 
If your child is on the way up to a larger size, ie has been in its current size for a long time, then rather choose a size larger, so you can enjoy the clothes for a longer time. Some styles are fitted oversize, and here we recommend that you choose the size the child is in - in which case it is written in the description of the style.
Sizes KIDS:
50 0-1 mdr
56/62 1-4 mdr.
68/74 4-9 mdr.
80/86 9-18 mdr.
92 18-36 mdr.
98/104 2.5-4 years
110/116 4-6 years
122/128 6-8 years
134/140 8-10 years
Sizes MUMMY:
We are all different, we are all equally gracious. At VACVAC, we make MUMMY styles based on a standard shape with shapes. On each MUMMY style we will describe the pussy itself. All our knitwear is basically oversize. We will describe this with "oversize fit". Basic blouses, leggings etc. will have a "standard fit" which simply means that it fits, without being slim - fit to the body. Our BETTER BASIC rib is with good stretch, and can be adapted to all shapes. 
As a starting point, you must choose the size you usually choose, based on the descriptions we give of the style. 
Finally, remember to give the clothes new life when the legs and arms have become too long. 
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