80% of the people working in global clothing production are, quite thoughtfully, women between the ages of 18 and 35. Many of these even have children, but only vanishingly few have access to the most necessary. For us, running a responsible business is therefore fundamentally about solidarity. Dressing our children well should not be at the expense of others.

At VACVAC studio, we work with a wide range of social and environmental responsibility - in close collaboration with our skilled suppliers - but in fact we also see our dealers and customers as an integral part of our value chain. The fact is that we, each one of us, have a huge influence, and as a brand we know that we have a great responsibility to inform and create increased awareness about the impact of our clothes. Therefore, in 2021 we will also launch a number of projects that intend to engage you - we hope that you feel like participating.

“We must all take responsibility for making the best decisions - manufacturers as well as suppliers, retailers and consumers. VACVAC studio takes the first steps and works for a proper and conscientious production. The next step is to get the consumer involved. ” - Signe, owner of VACVAC studio.


We refuse to compromise

We refuse to compromise on the safety, wages and rights of factory workers. The prerequisite for ensuring this, however, is documentation, goodwill and propriety from all parties, and our suppliers are therefore all selected on the basis of their openness and social as well as environmental certifications and initiatives. It is crucial for us that there is consistency between the supplier's set of values and ours, and that there is mutual trust so that together we can solve any challenges. For example, our suppliers, like ourselves, are GOTS-certified, which means that they have agreed to live up to, and be checked in accordance with, best practice for social as well as environmental responsibility. You can read more about the GOTS certification here.

“We work incredibly closely with the people who sew our clothes. Therefore, it has also become a personal struggle for me to ensure that they get recognition, respect and a proper salary. Because they deserve it - they make an effortless piece of craft! ” - Signe, owner of VACVAC studio.


Certified and zero-waste quality materials

Our materials fall into two categories - certified and zero-waste. Common to the materials, however, is that we place high demands on how they perform in use. A good example of the first is our Better Basic collection, which consists exclusively of GOTS-certified, organic materials, while our merino wool styles are a good example of our zero-waste line, as we use surplus yarns here (a profits, also called “deadstock”). Incidentally, we always seek to minimize waste where we can. The GOTS-certified materials ensure that everything from organic farming and chemicals used to wastewater treatment and social responsibility are required - all the way from the field to VACVAC. The surplus materials have in comparison the advantage that they have already been produced and that we can often access special qualities - but here also lies a big task in relation to ensuring that there is in fact a real waste, and not just calculated overproduction. 

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Durability and slowness

A large part of our responsibility also lies in producing clothes for a long service life, so you can hopefully just buy less, but better. We test our materials and styles carefully, so we know how they perform in e.g. wash, and even though we run a boys 'and a girls' collection, respectively, all our designs are made so that they can be used across genders - and thus can easily be saved for a possible little brother or little sister. We launch two annual collections in several drops, supplemented with individual styles in deadstock and possible design collaborations such as our EGHOLM X VACVAC. However, the majority of our styles go back year after year - We do not believe that clothes get too old just because the season changes.



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