Philosophy of materials

Philosophy of materials
At VACVAC studio we work around the premis that our designs are made to be used. It might sound trite, but at the moment there is a heightened focus on designing for reuse - By detesting the use of mixed materials. But the fact is that there is still a highly limited number of clothing that is ever reused, which is why we focus on designing styles on the back of functionality and durability.
Great kids' wear requires a little something extra, when it comes to freedom of movement and additionally, it is washed far more frequently now than ever - Unfortunately, the frequent washes can mean that, especially cotton textiles, dry out to the extent that it becomes uncomfortable or ill-fitting. This is why you can expect that some of our GOTS certified Better Basic styles have had a small percentage of elastane or even FSC-certified viscose added, to give them the exact right properties. Our thesis is that great clothing that stays soft, true to colour and shape over a longer period of time, have the best prerequisites for a long life of usage.
Our materials fall into two categories, GOTS certified organic and real deadstock, and the thing that they have in common is, that they are carefully tested prior to production. If you have any questions regarding our materials, you are more than welcome to contact us on
Our materials
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) GOTS is the leading internationale standard for organic textiles, and it sets a large number of demands regarding everything from fiber traceability and -content, waste minimisation, usage of chemicals and handling of waste waster all for the durability of the textiles and the social working environment all along the chain of production - All the way from the fibres on the field to the finished piece of clothing. This way you can argue for a holistic certification, where we as a brand, also have to be able to document that we work according to the requirements. We are certified by the Control Union and have the license number CU1094019.
When we have chosen to become GOTS-certified, it is done because of this certifications focus on both humans and environment, and as a children's' wear brand we find great comfort in knowing that our products have been tested in regards to strict chemical requirements, so that your child's health is in focus.
Under GOTS there are two "degrees", where the first one "Organic" requires that the finished product contains 95-100% organic fibres, but "made with Organic" requires that a minimum of 70-95% of the textile is made up of organic fibres. Both gives us the opportunity to work with the clothings functionality, without having to compromise with the responsibility - and that none of the two allows for incorporation of conventional cottonfibres.
Zero-waste / Deadstock
“Deadstock” is an overall designation for surplus textiles and since the very beginning, we have at VACVAC studio had a great focus on using already existing materials in our collections. This might sound very straight forward and de facto environmentally friendly, but to responsibly produce in deadstock requires a great portion of thoughtfulness and sincerity - especially because it is important to secure that what you purchase is in fact real leftover textiles that does not create incentive for further over production.
This is why we only buy deadstock if there are very few meters left and only from suppliers in which we trust - furthermore also so that we can be absolutely certain that the textiles live up to our health standards. We test all of our deadstock-textiles thoroughly in regards to their usability before we start production and we always seek to minimize waste where we can.
The limited meters creates a challenge since we often only can create a very few numbers of designs and styles in any given material or colour - But at the same time it is one of the prerequisites for making sure that what we buy would otherwise have gone to waste. On the other hand the more limited deadstock-styles to a special life for our collections, and we feel that they create a great synergi with our Better Basic-styles.
If you have any further questions, you are always more than welcome to contact us on