About us

About us

At VACVAC STUDIO we create durable and extremely comfortable children's clothes, where great quality and responsibility goes hand in hand. When we choose our textiles, design our collections and collaborate with suppliers, we go to the greatest of efforts to ensure that every step in our production chain is cared for. In the sewing rooms and in the factories, the working conditions have to be decent and furthermore, we go to great extends not to waste resources and thereby spare the environment.

We offer our customers a better alternative in the otherwise environmentally burdened clothing industry. When you dress your child in styles from VACVAC studio you can do so with a clean conscience - Both towards your child, but also towards the environment and the people who produced the clothes. You can read more about our work with 'Responsibility' here.

We invite you behind stage in an unpredictable industry, where we with stern principles about sustainability and social responsibility, work hard to make a positive change.

Thank you for coming along on our journey!


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